Immagine lunga esposizione di scogli marini

Gerardo Mitola

Born in 1974, Gerardo lives in San Giovanni Rotondo - Italy.

His vision of photography evolved, moving from a classical representation of Landscapes to an artistic vision of the world where reality and oneirism combine together. Through a minimalistic view his work goes beyond reality moving in to symbolism.

His photos find their essence in long exposure.

During last years, his desire of knowing new places took him in northern regions, Iceland first and then Norway, but his search for an emotional dimension was not totally fulfilled.

The landscape becomes a purpose to bring us into his way of seeing the reality.


2010 Oasis Photo Contest

2011 Rome - Caffè Letterario

2011 Rome - Galleria Gallerati - Progetto "P"


2010 San Severo - MAT

2011 Rome - Galleria Gallerati

2012 San Giovanni Rotondo - Personal Ehibition "Revealed Lights"

2015 San Giovanni Rotondo - Personal Exhibition "Iceland - between auroras and glaciers"